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„Great support while I was being deployed overseas.– Michael Berman – US Serviceman.




„One individual shed over 8 stone in 6 months.“ – Justin Scholes – UK, Trainer and Serviceman.



„THIS 8 POUND SHIRT WILL KICK YOUR @$$!!! FIT: 5 stars FABRIC: 5 stars FUNCTION: 5 stars I have been using the TITIN weight shirt for 6 months and have seen huge gains in strength, speed and endurance. This system is the equivalent of using bat rings to increase your bat speed and power in baseball. I have used and abused this system with great success. A simple 4 mile trail run became an endurance event. High intensity interval training has become a torture test for my mind and body. My favorite part about this system is the fact that the overall weight is only 8 lbs on your joints and tissues but the dynamic load when you exercise gets me a better workout than my 20 lb static weight vest. And when the way the gel packs sit on your musculature you don’t have the sore achy joints you normally have after a weighted workout. As far as sizing, I am 6’0 and am a slender 185. I sit borderline between sizes where a medium is too small and a large can be a little big sometimes. I nervously ordered the large and was happily surprised as the inner and outer shirts shrunk slightly after washing and I ended up with the perfect fit. My friend is about 5’10 215 and ordered an XL and it fits him perfectly. I highly recommend this system if you want to see huge gains in your strength speed and endurance as well as mental fortitude to finish a grueling workout.“ – SFC J.R. – US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES “The Green Berets” 

„I decided to throw on the shirt and give it a try. Finished the run with a TRX workout and was clearly very much “done” at the end of it all. I’ve felt it all the rest of the day. Got some interesting looks, as well. Really impressive comfort and stability. Clearly a different workout experience than I’ve had before. I’ve fairly extensive joint issues from a lifetime of football and Army stuff, and didn’t experience any “new” pains, which is a relevant consideration for me.” – 3 Star General  – US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND

„I dropped my 3 mile run time from 22:36 to 21:41 in just a week or so by training in TITIN”  – Rod D. – United States Marine Corps (USMC).

„I already got a Titin Tech shirt system. I’ve been using it for a month now and I’m seeing significant improvements. Thanks Titin Tech.” – Qualin D. – US Army.

 „This is, by far, my favorite piece of training gear. I use and abuse this system daily, working through the full spectrum of capabilities (i.e. Movement prep, functional fitness, interval training, and recovery). I can’t say enough about the impact on my progress; after 5 months of implementation, I’m significantly stronger, faster, and quicker to recover than ever before. I’m very grateful, and looking forward to the lower body system as well!” – Nate – US NAVY SEAL




„Dear TITIN Tech, I wanted to share what a blessing your Titin Weighted Shirt has been to me and my family these last few months. In order to do so I must give you a little background on who I am. I am a former Police Officer of 10 and half years. During which I was on the SWAT Team for 8 of those years and for the last 4 a Sniper on our team. I endured rigorous training physically and mentally during this time and did so as I knew it could be the difference in life and death. I left the police dept. in 2007 and became a realtor. During this time I received several awards including Sales Agent of the Year for 2 of the 3 years I was with the company. I started Crossfit in 2008 after being introduced to it by a friend. I continued to work out in our CF gym for the next couple of years and then decided to compete in the 2010 Austin TX Ironman Triathlon. So, at this point I am Crossfitting 4 times a week and training for the hardest triathlon race known, and if I must say so myself, I was in pretty good shape. My wife and I adopted our son Michael at the age of 2 days old, and he made the trip to Austin for the race at the age of 4 months. I completed the race and when we returned home back to Crossfit 6 days a week. (Fast forward to Sept. 2012.) I now have been Crossfitting for 4+ years. I have 3 children and a wonderful job as a sales executive for a national company and my life couldn’t be better. Until I noticed I was feeling a little drained and not as sharp mentally. I began to lose track of my thoughts and would completely forget what I was saying or discussing mid-sentence. I noticed my workouts were leaving me extremely exhausted during them and I was unable to recover as quickly. My CF times were really down and I was not feeling very strong. I decided to consult my doctor, and asked if he would check my testosterone levels. He said he would however thought it was a waste of time and money, as he could look at me and see that I was very muscular and a fit person. He said there was no way my testosterone was low. I received a phone call about a week later and my doctor wanted to meet with me to discuss my results. I met with him and he said “Well, you were right on the money with this one.” He said the normal males testosterone levels operate between 300-1197…. And my level was at 5!!! He said these numbers were lower than he had ever seen and in fact there were females that had more testosterone in their system than me. He recommended I have an MRI, because the test levels I was showing indicated a possible Brain Tumor that was blocking the pituitary gland from releasing the testosterone into my system. After 2 inconclusive MRI’s and after a final third, the tumor was ruled out. (Thank you Lord.) I was later sent to an Endocrinologist to determine what was going on. Finally I was given a diagnosis of Addison’s disease and total Adrenal Failure”. What does this mean? It means that my body doesn’t produce the Cortisol or the Testosterone needed to operate originating in the Pituitary Gland and Adrenal gland due to and chemical imbalance in my brain. So basically the two do not communicate with each other and without doing so they don’t operate. I asked my doctor if I should stop working out, and he said NO!!! He said that I should actually kick it up a notch. Furthermore, if I stopped I would look like a 80 yr old cancer patient, because my body is getting no help from my hormones to build muscle or retain it. Well this really made me worried. What next? I mean here I am, 36 yrs old father of three, good job, and have worked out my whole life to stay healthy and there isn’t one thing I could have done to prevent this. And now I have to “kick it up a notch”? I crossfit six days a week as hard as I can go, how do I kick it up a notch? OMG!!! I will tell you how………. Titin Tech Weighted Shirt!!! I purchased my shirt after my wife and I decided this was the route to go, and have been using it almost EVERYDAY. I Crossfit and do all my workouts wearing it. Since using the shirt I have gotten stronger, faster, and consistently I am the “Time to Beat” at my Box. I am doing all my WOD’s in a weighted shirt and the others are in no shirt and I’m still beating them. My doctor told me not to expect any muscle gains at this point, and that I would only be maintaining any muscle mass I have currently. Well guess what? My gym recently did all HERO WODS for a solid week and I PR’d in EVERY ONE and I did it in the Titin shirt!!!! I returned to the doctor and he said I don’t know what you are doing but whatever it is, it’s working. You are stronger, faster, and your levels are increasing, but even with the levels increasing it’s only a minor bit at this time and really shouldn’t explain your performance in the gym and your overall lean muscle. I told him about Titin Tech and his words were… “BUY TWO BECAUSE IT’S WORKING. I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT”.  Now, I am on medication to produce the cortisol levels and to assist in my testosterone production, however it raises the levels only so much and its purpose is to keep my mind on track so not to lose my train of thought and to keep me sharp mentally. The only thing I have changed in my life is adding Titin Tech to it. I look better, feel better, I am not as tired and my body is building muscle faster than ever before. In my opinion, there is only ONE explanation to why all this has happened…………Titin Tech!! Thank you. You saved my life. Sincerely,“ – Marc Ford – former Police Officer, member of SWAT Team and Sniper.

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