„My FB_IMG_1446384233938TITIN gear really helps with my explosiveness, speed and strength. Other weighted gear isn’t evenly distributed like TITIN — it isn’t restrictive at all when you train with it. You can feel the difference as soon as you put your TITIN gear on and as soon as you take it off. After I use it, I feel way more explosive. You feel like Superman after you take it off!“ – Charles Rosa – Undefeated top 145-pound prospect and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt.



I had always been interested in ankle weights or a weighted vest, but they would always bounce around you and they just weren’t good for how intense we need to train. I was very excited to try TITIN and I couldn’t be happier with the product. It makes a good workout a really great workut and has made me more explosive, faster and stronger than I would have been without it. It’s definitely a very wise investment if you want to be in peak shape, like you have to be to do well in MMA.“ –
Alex White – MMA Fighter. 

„I have trained with the Titin weighted compression shirt for almost 6 months now. I have noticed from my training sessions while using the Titin Gear, that my strength and speed has improved to the amount of me winning my first Gold Championship Medal as a Black Belt in the IBJJF Tournament! I have also won several other bronze and silver’s in the IBJJF Tournaments across the U.S while using this gear to train for them. I found it to be very comfortable and convenient to wear during my training as well. It’s given me the endurance to push through and work harder to achieve my goals in my future IBJJF Tournaments as a Black Belt.“ – Ryan Durbin – IBJJF Champion. 

„By far the best piece of training equipment I have ever owned.“ – Mike King – UFC Fighter. 





„There are no second chances“.

Lionel Gomez trainiert mit TITIN.

Gracie Gym´s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with TITN.

„TITIN your TaeKwonDo“!


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