„I love my TITIN gear! It is by far the best weighted system I have ever used. I can perform every movement in any direction without limiting my range of motion. Other weight vests pack a lot of added weight in one area making me feel top heavy, so I like how the weight is evenly distributed in the TITIN shirt and shorts. I use my TITIN gear in the weight room for my workouts after practice. After my workouts, I always feel lighter and stronger. I never feel drained from my workouts, which is really important because I need to be sharp and fresh every day. I recently had to use my TITIN gear as a rehab tool for a torn MCL. Thanks to my work in the gym, I was able to shave a few weeks off my recovery timeline.” – Mark Bloom – Starting Defender for Toronto FC of the MLS.

 „I am a huge fan of the TITIN System. It holds snug to my body so I am able to move freely, yet it adds the weight to make my workout so much harder. It amplifies each workout by just wearing it. During the season, I use the product for workout purposes only a few times a month to work on my speed/sprints/agility. But, during the season I use it mostly as a form of recovery by freezing the shorts (sometimes the shirt). Doing it this way gets more muscle groups iced down and ready for my next practice without having to deal with ice. In the offseason, I use the TITIN System every time I do a workout. Be it running, lifting, agility, I wear it to prepare myself for the upcoming season. By using TITIN, it makes me completely exhausted after the workout, and I love it!” – Greg Cochrane – Starting Defender for Chicago Fire of MLS.

„TITIN’s weighted compression gear is a well-designed product that can boost performance and recovery. The weighted shirt and shorts increase the difficulty of my workouts, but also increases results. When working out with the TITIN gear, my heart rate will go up at a faster rate due to the difficulty of the workout, and in turn increases stamina. My favorite part of this product comes with the recovery abilities. I often put the recovery shorts and gels in the freezer and then once they are cooled will wear them for a mobilized ice bath. Using this product makes me feel like I have a competitive edge in both my workouts and recovery.” – Walker Zimmerman – Centerback for FC Dallas of MLS.


TITIN Training – Kansas City

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