„After having the TITIN System for a few months now and incorporating it into my training, I have noticed an extra sense of confidence and swagger! The additional weight makes a huge difference when doing my sprints, which is the time I use the unit the most. After completing my strength training portion of my workout, strapping on the TITIN System makes me feel like I’m preparing for war. Just the feeling of pads psychs you up and prepares you for an extra boost in intensity. My runs are tougher. My pull-ups and more effective and I’m forced to drill harder on my agility drills. My body fat is dropping and my weight is cutting down, so yes you could say I really like I’m seeing. Take it up a notch with TITIN!“ – Thomas Murphy –  Personal Trainer, Coach. 


„I have implemented the TITIN shirt into workouts with professional athletes.“ – Jim Launer – Professional Trainer. 




„I have recently incorporated the TITIN System into my cardio training as I am prepping for the upcoming 2015 IFBB competition season. Specifically, what I like about using the product in my training is that it allows me to perform the cardio/plyometric exercises that I already do with an added
level of intensity. I feel that using this product is helping tremendously with my endurance as well as cardiovascular conditioning!”
 – Megan Wyble – IFBB Professional. 


„As a competitive powerlifter, law enforcement instructor and personal trainer, I am always looking for the best training aids on the market, and am very excited to soon be representing the United States at the 2014 IPF World Bench Press Championships. I am even more excited to have found TITIN Tech along my journey! In January 2012, my world was shattered with a cancer diagnosis, and the next year left me fighting for my life, spending a total of over 3 1/2 months in the hospital, facing 31 hours of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and severe complications. By January 2013, over 30 lbs. (most in lean muscle mass) from my 135 lb. frame had vanished. However, I was grateful to be alive and more determined than ever to regain all I had lost. From a hospital bed, I scoured the Internet, making a list of products that I believed would help me get back into training as quickly as possible. I came across the TITIN Force System, and it not only became a cornerstone of my recovery, but is now a vital part of my training regimen. The TITIN Force System has been the perfect training partner; a form-fitting, evenly-loaded 8 lb. compression unit that moves with my body, allowing me to rebuild strength and quickly improve my endurance. Following intensive cancer treatment, I found my immune system response had also changed, and my body could not recover fast or effectively enough. Simple, passive recovery no longer worked. My efforts switched to contrast therapy to improve healing and recovery time, and I used the TITIN Force System to make it happen: First, I cooled the TITIN Force hydro-gel inserts in the freezer, and then placed them back into the 14 inner shirt pockets. Next, after they had warmed to body temperature, I removed and heated them, and followed the same protocol. I found my recovery times improved with less delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). As an added benefit, gone were the unwieldy, wet ice/heat packs sloppily secured with ACE bandages! I could wear the TITIN Force System inner shit with hydro-gel inserts post-workout and easily function while retaining all the benefits of contrast therapy. Utilized during and after my training routine, the TITIN Force System is a true, proven champion!“ – Kristen Yukness – Competitive powerlifter, law enforcement instructor and personal trainer.

„I love TITIN as the product has allowed me to train with the desire to push more during my regular training regimen. I work out with the System during a lot of my sprint interval workouts on a football field. For example: incorporating the system during the first half, and then taking it off on the second half of my intervals. I definitely use it for freezing and heating therapy for post recovery which is one of my secrets to recover and to be ready for my next day of training. Having the System on, makes me feel more mentally prepared to grind further during my workouts! Because of this mental edge, the System has been, and continues to be, a big game changer in my Spartan career. I have been PR’ing on previous months workouts that at the time I was wearing the unit, and without it on I have been a lot quicker on my runs. Training in TITIN always keep me motivated to keep on FIGHTING“ – Isaiah Vidal – #2 Ranked OCR Spartan Racer. 

„I think the Titin Tech Weighted Compression Shirt System is one of the best training tools any warrior athlete could have. Not only does it help me in my speed training, it allows me to constantly move with extra weight on my body. This is good not only for sports training, but as a member of a SWAT Team we only operate with heavy gear on. Having the constant weight that the Titin Tech System provides is vital to conditioning your body to move with gear on. Titin Tech is what every Warrior athlete needs to take them to the next level!” – Scott Gardner – Professional WeightLifter. Coach. 

„The TITIN System is a fantastic way to really diversify your workout. I love using at during my dynamic warm-up before a really explosive and movement based workout. It’s also great for my integrated strength, power, and sport specific circuits. It doesn’t impede my range of motion during ninja warrior obstacles like the salmon ladder or when I’m training new flips. As a recovery tool the hydrogels have been great for generally tired muscles right down to spot icing my chronic plantar fasciitis. It’s incredible how long the gel holds its temperature. After only 3 weeks of training 3 to 4 times a week (either wearing the unit for entire workouts or unloading for maximal power reps) I’ve seen a major difference in overall endurance. Increased pull up repetitions and my vertical leap has increased from 32 inches to 35 inches. This product is an irreplaceable part of my daily workout regimen now!” – Daniel Palacios – Parkour Athlete. 

„As a business man or as an athlete I enjoy challenging myself. The way I have challenged myself over the years has been thru a variety of fitness activities such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, ninja warrior training, sprints on the track and CrossFit. I am grateful for my TITIN system, because it has played a major role with my recovery, stamina, endurance and strength. The way it has helped me with recovery is when chilled in the freezer over night and put on after an intense workout the TITIN system will speed up the healing process by reducing inflammation. On my track days I utilize my TITIN system to improve my stamina and endurance. When bodybuilding it is very beneficial to use the TITIN system on the treadmill during a cardio session to increase caloric burn when the goal is to lean out. When I do ninja warrior training I enjoy the challenge of the added weight to strengthen my grip. One must have great grip strength in ninja warrior, because there is a whole lot of climbing and gripping involved. Over all the TITIN system is a great innovative product that can benefit any athlete’s fitness goal. It maybe 8lbs, but it fits and feels like a second skin when worn. You can hardly feel the added weight.“ – China Moalusi – Entrepreneur, model, actor, and all-around athlete. 


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