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Garret Giemont„Football is played with protective equipment that weighs X amount of weight (weigh your own equipment to get the actual weight). To get ultimate results and neuro-adaptation, wear your cleats and a Titin Weighted shirt during your football drill work. This maximizes your training time and has real value.“ – Coach Garrett Giemont – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)


Andre Williams„TITIN helps me turn a good workout into a great workout, then I take my TITIN Gear off and I feel like I can kick holes in the walls and jump through the roof. It fits comfortably, and I dig heating my gear to wake up the muscles quicker or freezing it for recovery workouts.“ – Andre Williams- Running Back for the NY Giants (NFL, Heisman Finalist)


„TITIN has brought my game to the next level. Using TITIN during offseason training helped prepare for the grueling NFL season. By combining the weighted compression shirt during running and agility drills it has drastically improved my explosiveness. During the NFL season I incorporate the TITIN system into my workouts to maintain the competitive advantage that is badly needed when going against the best athletes in the world. TITIN has made a huge impact in my training regimen and the results are seen on game day. Check me out between the white lines on the field to see the results of TITIN!” – 
Johnathan Cyprien – Starting Strong Safety for the Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL).

„[So unrestrictive] You can barely feel it when it’s on.“ – Michael Jenkins – (NFL Wide Receiver).




„I love using my TITIN System! I use it for plyometrics and during circuit training for a boost of fitness on a Monday or Tuesday after a free weekend. While being out with a knee injury, I couldn’t run for about 10 months so I used my TITIN System in the gym to keep on top of my fitness and to stay in shape. When I got back into running again, I used the TITIN shorts for hill and stair running to strengthen my legs and get my knee back strong. I have had TITIN for over 3 years now and it kicks my ass every time I use it!” – Hanno Dirksen – Rugby Player for the Ospreys in Wales. 


TITIN / PITTSBURGH STEELERS.Pittsburgh_Steelers_PHelmet

TITIN ist Trainingspartner der Pittsburgh Steelers.

Und wie erfolgreich die STEELERS mit dem TITIN Shirt trainieren sieht man: Sie nennen TITIN ihre neue „Geheimwaffe“!  „Behind the Curtain“ Hier kannst du den ganzen Artikel lesen.



NFL 2015: Diese Spieler wachsen mit TITIN über sich hinaus!

„If you want it… if you REALLY want it…“

Johnathan Cyprien „How I use TITIN“

La’el Collins: „Um für die NFL fit zu werden trainierte ich mit meinem TITIN Gear“

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